Lift kit +5cm for front and rear axle, suspension increase for Lada Niva 2121

Product number: 1235

Lift kit +5cm for front and rear axle, suspension increase for Lada Niva 2121

Weight: 23.5 kg
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Lift kit, suspension increase + 5 cm front and rear for Lada Niva 2121, 21213, 21214 but only before year of construction 2010:
We deliver:
4 x extra high springs for front and rear
4 x extra high shock absorbers for the front and rear with all bushings
4 x spring shims with metal cups for front and rear
You gain round about 5cm in hight with this KIT.
TOP quality!
This suspension lift kit for Lada Niva is for everyone who drives a lot off-road or in poor road conditions. It offers about 5 cm more ground clearance and allows to cope with obstacles such as bumps or potholes with ease. This is particularly important for driving in the forest, rural roads and mountainous landscapes. This lift kit was specially developed by Lada for Lada Niva and will be installed as standard on the vehicles manufactured as of 2010. These special springs and shock absorbers can be used without hesitation on older models for lifting. This means it can be used for all Lada Niva manufactured before 2010. With this lift you can significantly expand the field of uses of your vehicle without sacrificing comfort or handling.

Frequently asked questions by the customers:

Question 1: Do I need spacers to correct the axis geometry? Do I need Panhard rods or spacers?

Answer 1: This set places the vehicle 4.5-5 cm higher at the front and rear. This means that you do not change the geometry of the vehicle or you only change it insignificantly. So you don't need any spacers or new Panhard rods. It is recommended to install reinforced ball joints. We also have this from the original equipment supplier Autovaz, article 1967.

Question 2: Are instructions enclosed?

Answer 2: No, our parts are absolutely the same at the assembly points and come on the same assembly points as the standard springs, shock absorbers and spring inserts. The only thing that is different here is the length/height of the springs and the working range of the shock absorbers.

Helpful tip:

Original Lada catalog numbers can be found on the packaging of the parts. This is a sign that these are Lada parts and not improvised replicas. The higher springs and shock absorbers are installed as default on Lada Niva as of 2010. That means with this lift kit you can only put up Lada Niva that is built before year of 2010.