Lift kit +5cm! suspension increase for Lada Niva

Product number: 1235

Lift kit/ suspension increase for Lada Niva

Weight: 23.5 kg
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Lift kit / suspension increase for Lada Niva 1600, 1700 (only before year 2010):
We deliver:
4 x extra high coil springs front and rear
4 x extra high front and rear shock absorbers extrag strong (HYBRID Quality!!!) with all sockets and bushes
4 x Spring Supplement with Metal ring rear and front
You gain round about 5cm in hight with this KIT.
TOP quality!

This lift kit for Lada Niva is for those who are traveling a lot in the field or under poor road conditions. You gain about 5 cm more distance to the ground and allow you to cope with obstacles on the road sovereign. This is especially for drivers in the woods, dirt roads and mountain landscape of importance. This lift kit was developed by Lada factory especially for Lada Niva and is installed after year 2010. These special springs and shock absorbers can be used for older Lada Niva  to lift them. That means for all Lada Niva built after year 2010. This lift kit allow you to extend the use of your vehicle significantly, without sacrificing comfort or handling.